Calabaza Autumn, Sculptural Luminary Glazed Ceramic

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Embrace the spirit of folk artistry with our Calabaza Autumn Sculptural Luminary! This pumpkin-shaped glazed ceramic luminary is not only a stunning piece of functional art, but it is also a hand-painted masterpiece. The entire outer surface of the pumpkin-shaped luminary is covered in a mixture of Mexican Talavera and Majolica painting styles. This sculptural jack-o-luminary will add a glow and a touch of festive elegance  to any outdoor or indoor space. 

The luminary allows for a votive candle 3"/ 7cm diameter

Each sculptural luminary is signed by the talented artisan who painted it within the Tierra ceramic studios located in Central Mexico


Dimensions | Weight | Specifications.

  • 24"tall x 11"diameter / 61cm x 28cm
  • Weight: 11Lbs / 5Kg *entire sculpture
  • *Dimensions, weight will vary slightly. Sculptural luminaries are individually handmade and hand painted. These artisanal qualities impart a work of original art authenticity.

How It's Made

This unique work of art is hand sculpted from clay that is then high-fired in a large kiln. The ceramic sculpture goes through 2 baking process. The 1st bake allows the raw clay to dry and harden before it is hand-painted with Lead Free paint. The 2nd bake is done in high-fire kiln with protective glaze finish. The Glossy protective Glaze coat that is baked on in a high-fire kiln where temperatures reach 1700˚F. Indoor or outdoor display, hand painted, one of a kind, each piece may vary slightly, fair trade artisan crafted. The Ceramic is kiln fired with a glossy durable finish safe for outdoor display.

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Artisan Story
Talavera, A Cultural Artistry. 

Each sculptural ceramic luminary is individually hand-painted by celebrated Talavera artisans of Guanajuato Mexico. The artisan's technique is inspired by the old-world painting style known as Talavera and Majolica, their talent in this artistry dates back centuries and has been passed down from one generation to the next. In doing so the artistry has also transformed from one generation to the next with each artisan innovating and modifying the colors, patterns, and textures.

Talavera Artistry

Talavera style is a popular Mexican style used by crafters from Puebla, Tlaxcala, Atlixco, Cholula, and Tecali. The indicator colors of this Mexican style are typically blue and white, but artisans have added yellow, black, green, orange, and mauve to the style color palette. The color palette is made with natural pigments to get the right shades for the pottery.

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