Antique Carved Wood Doors

Vintage barn door hand carved from Pine and Mesquite. This one-of-a-kind functioning door is just as much an original work of art as it is an architectural ornament. The 2 paneled doors stand at just over 7'ft tall. Estimated that this door is about 200 years old and originally functioned as an outside barn from a hacienda in Guanajuato Mexico. The ornately carved door is equipped with both original jambs / doorposts and 8 total of original iron hinges (4 per either side of doorpost). Colonial iron hinges are inset, fully functional allowing the door to swing 180°.

The outer side of the door is made up of 6 panels that have an ornate carving of flowers intertwined with detailed carved ribbon covering the entire 6 panels. The inner side of the door is solid mesquite. Reinforced with 6 solid horizontal rails and 1 vertical mullion in the center of each door. The quality craftsmanship, wood-working, and material used has enabled this door to remain as solid and steadfast despite being almost two centuries old. The outer side of the door and doorposts exhibit and unfinished distressed quality with natural eroding in specific areas while the inner side remains very solid with no warping.   

*Head frame and bottom threshold are not included. Handle, lock, and other hardware are also not included.

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Dimensions and Specifications

  • 83.5"h x 21.75"w (single door w/out jamb / doorpost)
  • 86"h x 24.75"w (single door with jamb / doorpost)
  • 86"h x 48"w (entire door with jambs / doorposts)
  • 3"thick (door) / 4"thick (jambs / doorposts)
  • Media:  Pine and Mesquite wood, solid iron hinges
  • Region of Origin: Guanajuato Mexico
  • 150 Lbs total weight
  • Age: 200+ years
  • The only one of its kind; there is no other similar design and size available.
Carving Details
100% Hand carved, apparent that no machine tools were used to carve or finish outer Oak panels.

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