Ceramic Coaster set | Catrina Eleganté. Four piece coaster set.

Day of the Dead-inspired drink coaster set of 4. Artisan crafted with relief style painting featuring the Catrina Elegante’ artwork in all of her Marigold glory. This design is inspired by the vibrant colors, beautiful flowers, and traditional folk art , seen during the celebration known as Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead.

Made from Dense and durable ceramic that is kiln fired with protective glaze. Each trivet is fitted with cork padding on bottom. Safe for high heat/kitchen use. Shop our entire collection of Day of the Dead-inspired coaster sets available in several colorful and unique designs.

4"squared x 3/4"thick 
*measurements are of individual coasters.
Total weight: 2Lbs *four piece set.

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Each coaster contains lead-free paint; the tiles are made from dense, durable ceramic kiln fired with protective glaze. Coasters are packaged in 4-piece sets; with each coaster, cork padding is secured on the bottom. Safe for high heat/kitchen use.
The Rosa Catrina coasters are part of our Catrina coasters collection; shop the entire unique collection.

The Artisan Process Behind Creating our Catrina Coasters.

Each ceramic trivet/coaster goes through a double-high kiln-fire process. The 1st bake allows the raw clay to dry and harden before it is hand-painted with Lead-Free paint. The 2nd bake is done in a high-fire kiln with a protective glaze finish. The Glossy protective Glaze coat is baked in a high-fire kiln where temperatures reach 1200* - 1500*F. Indoor or outdoor display, hand painted on all sides except the bottom, one of a kind, each piece may vary slightly, fair trade artisan crafted. This Ceramic contains lead-free paint and is kiln fired with a glossy, durable finish safe for outdoor display.

To learn more about the Relief painting artistry, and experience the artisan process behind our glazed ceramic, click the link below to read our recent blog story. We have documented and shared the thoughtful design work at our Tierra ceramic studio.

Relief Painting, Lasting Beauty Is All About The Little Details.

Our Artisan Painted Coasters and Tiles

The artwork of this coaster set is inspired by Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead and other vintage-era folk art from Central Mexico. Check out our fascinating blog series that explores the history and the beauty that this celebration represents-

Dia de los Muertos Part I and Dia de los Muertos Part II

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