Mesquite Low Rise Cocktail Table

Let the natural beauty of a solid Mesquite slab be the center of attention in your living area. The vintage wood trunk displays a true live edge finish all the way around. The center cavity known as the heartwood of a tree has been removed, giving the mesquite trunk a sculptural appeal. Supported by three solid iron hairpin legs this low cocktail table is balanced with minimal design and natural beauty

The Mesquite tree is a proliferous native species of Mexico. The wood is very dense and varies in color from yellow to reddish brown, lending itself to the creation of beautiful furniture elements. This small cocktail table is a perfect size as a central table in a small. living space or as a side table in a more spacious living room. Furnishings created from mesquite wood are heirloom pieces created to last more than a lifetime.



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Dimensions and Specifications

  • 12"h x 27"diameter
  • 4"thick (Mesquite slab thickness)
  • Region of Origin: Guanajuato Mexico
  • 52 lbs total weight
  • Age of wood: 100+ years
  • hairpin legs, spaced accordingly for balance.

Mesquite wood is solid and fully cured.
Finish: Top had been finely sanded and finished by hand. Live edge, in some areas the original bark is intact. Coated and protected with layer of durable satin urethane. 

Mesquite wood is know for its density and girthy weight, a chosen wood for furniture makers because its resiliency to splitting. The wood has a noticeable earthly sweet fragrance a favorite for flavoring barbecued meats. It has a unique aroma reminiscent of sitting around an old-fashioned campfire.


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