Stoneware Shot Glass | Noir Edition Ceramic Shooters

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Our Noir edition Stoneware sipping cups are meticulously crafted by hand to authenticate your tequila game. Available individually, set of 2, set of 4, or set of 6. The Noir Edition stoneware has a dark graphite shade created by the specific compound of natural/raw clay and firing process. Thoughtfully designed for sipping with style and grace. Vessels that are expertly crafted to gaze upon and grasp as you enjoy your preferred beverage in style. Individual shooters are intricately free-hand painted in the elevated Azules patterns. Artisanal sophistication quality made for cold or hot beverages while celebrating amongst friends and family. 

Shop our Stoneware Decanters in matching Noir finish and Azules pattern.


Capacity | Dimensions | Weight.

  • 2.5”in tall x 2.5”diameter, 2"dia at base / 6.35cm x 6.35cm, 2cm.
  • Capacity: 100mL / 3.5oz / .42 cup.
  • Weight: .5Lbs / .23Kg  per shooter *empty.

*Capacity, dimensions, weight will vary slightly. Vessels are individually handmade and hand painted.These artisanal qualities impart authentic personality and wholly unique presence.

How It's Made

The Design Aesthetics of a Quality-Made Stoneware Vessel.
The shape of these vessels is equal parts elegance and utility. One side features 3 concave grooves while the opposite side has a single groove allowing for a natural and convenient grip. The intricately free hand-painted design in the white/blue Azules elevated pattern covers 3/4 of the outer surface. The rim is finished with glassy glaze that also covers the interior.

Each stoneware shooter is twice baked in a high-fire kiln at temperatures reaching 1700˚F. This first bake transforms raw clay down to a molecular level. The high heat and curing process forces out tiny air pockets condensing the material so that it is literally as hard as a rock, hence the name "stoneware." The baked stoneware has a wonderful natural vanilla color with a soft matte finish.

Stoneware's conductive properties help retain heat, allowing it to function wonderfully in serving hot beverages such as tea and coffee. The most durable form of earthenware pottery, stoneware's high-fire curing process provides a dense, non-porous composition allowing it to be resistant to liquid and resilient over time. A perfect union of artistry and utility, each vessel requires a team of master ceramicists and skilled artisan painters to create.

Artisan Story
The Textures of Relief Painting

Skilled hands apply the Azules patterns and detailed artwork, a process that ensures the patterns and artwork on each piece are never identical. This innovative artisan technique is called "relíeve" meaning "relief." The technique requires skilled artisans to apply layers of natural lead-free paint by hand to the surface. During the 2nd bake temperatures reach 1700˚F, the intense heat changes the relief pattern on a molecular level and literally raises the hand-painted pattern providing a glossy texture just to the painted areas, creating a beautiful contrast to the surface of the stoneware.

Relief Painting, Lasting Beauty Is All About The Little Details.

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