Devotion Angel Heart Sculptures | Red and Gold

Add a little artisan crafted "Love" to your decor. Far more than simply home accessories, these ambrosial ceramic Hearts with Angel Wings are true artifacts each with their own significance and story! Available in three sizes, each Devotion heart sculpture is artisan sculpted from dense ceramic. With different sizes and color combinations that allow you to create an intriguing arrangement on your walls. An authentic gift that conveys a story of Love and Devotion. Each ceramic heart sculpture is exquisitely painted completely by hand. Available in 3 sizes or as a set of 3. Other finishes available! The Devotion Heart collection is comprised of several different designs each with their own inspiration and story of Devotion.

Meaning behind this Devotion Heart.

The Devotion Heart with Angel Wings represents the feeling that love can give. "Love" it will set us free. "Love", will lift us up when we are down. 

Dimensions of individual sizes
Large- 7” tall x 9” wide x 3.5” thick
Medium- 5” tall x 6” wide x 3” thick
Small- 2” tall x 3.5” wide x 1.75” thick

The Artisan Process...

Each heart is hand painted in a rich red then distressed with a dark varnish rub adding dimension and unique vintage appearance. The wings are painted with gold enamel the entire piece also finished with a dark varnish rub. Both the heart and wings are cleverly fused together with metal wires. The wires attach inside the ceramic to each wing allowing the wings to be manipulated or adjusted to your liking.
Very dense and durable ceramic that is fired in a Kiln that is heated by wood. Display Indoor or outdoor(in covered area). Equipped to hang on wall. A dimensional sculpture, that is fused with metal wires which allow the accents (hearts) to be moved / manipulated.

Inspiration behind our Devotion Heart Collection.

Each heart is a true combination of old world craftsmanship and whimsical artistry. Over the years we have created several Devotion hearts each uniquely different than the next. The concept for each heart’s design has emerged from our journeys throughout Mexico and the friendships we have built. Devotion Hearts are vestiges of love inspired by passion, stories of romance, faith and devotion.

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