Native Face Pot, Vintage Terracotta Planter

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Introduce a little artisan creativity to your plant life with a little personality. Less chia-pots and a little more culture, sophistication, and artisanal originality. Vintage terracotta vessel, only limited supply available. Hand-molded from terracotta, natural color variation is as shown in photos. 


Dimensions | Weight | Specifications.

  • 10"high x 7" diameter (widest point) / 24.5cm h x 17.78cm dia.
  • 4.5"dia mouth(interior) / 16.5cm
  • 9"h internal height / 22.85cm
  • 6.5Lbs | 2.95Kg *empty.
  • Estimated age: 40years
  • Very limited supply available.
  • *Dimensions, weight will vary slightly. This is a vintage piece that was handmade decades ago. The terracotta exhibits erosion, color variation, and an over all weathered appearance. These vintage and artisanal qualities impart originality and authentic qualities.

How It's Made

This planter is 100% terracotta clay. Hand molded from a mixture raw earthenware sediments fired in traditional kiln heated naturally by wood and brush. A common technique used by indigenous ceramicist of Mexico. Their quality work has allowed this terracotta planter to retain its durability and resiliency despite it's antiquity and exposure to the elements for years.
Pottery crafted in this manner are heavier and thicker than mass produces terracotta planters of similar size. The texture is more porous and the terracotta color is much more complex than pots found at corporate general stores.

The interior of this small planter is coated with a epoxy lining to protect it from erosion when planted.

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