Flamenco Trópical | Hand Sculpted Catrina

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The Flamenco Trópical catrina's colors and accents are inspired by the vibrant and lush jungle territory of Michoacán Mexico, where this original works art was created. Hand sculpted from raw clay with great detail. This authentic Catrina is covered with lively accents; from the collage of marigolds at the base of her dress and head, to the parrots and monkeys that surround her. This is an original sculpture was crafted completely by hand by the renowned and very talented artist Laureano. This and all other Catrinas that Laureano sculpts are kiln fired for several hours in a traditional red brick oven.

What's Included.

This Catrina is made up of 2 pieces- The body which has attached 2 parrots, 3 monkeys, and marigold flowers. The head is solid and is attached to body with a metal pin which inserts into the neck of the Catrina's body.

Large tubular case, that carries and protects this Catrina from harm during transportation.

A certificate of authentication confirming that this it is an original work of art. This authentic Catrina sculpture is part of our Catrina Elegante Collection an exquisite group of fine ceramic sculptures that are inspired by Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) each 1 is an original work of art handmade by artist located Michoacán Mexico, and imported by San Miguel Trading.

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