Giant Terracotta Rosary

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Color Black Ash


Decorative Rosary artisan made to drape, hang, and decorate with throughout your home or garden. These handmade giant terra-cotta rosaries will add a touch of artisan crafted authenticity to your decor. Available in 3 authentic finishes Black Ash, Turmeric, and Guacamole. Each of these Giant terra-cotta rosaries is hand molded from terra-cotta that is kiln-fired for durability. After the artisans hand paint each rosary is then coated with protective urethane that varies from a satin to a matte finish. this variation provides a subtle authentic appearance.
Make a statement and drape over furniture, a mirror, or frame. Wrap around or drape on a pot or vase in the garden or home to make your pottery pop with authenticity and character! Or simply hang on your wall. 


Dimensions | Specifications

  • 43”-45"long / 109-114cm *entire length rosary+crucifix. 
  • 1.75" / 4.5cm thickness of terracotta beads.
  • .75” / 1.9cm *thickness of terracotta crucifix.
  • Weight: 3.5-5Lbs / 1.5-2.25Kg (rosary+crucifix)
  • Dimensions and weight will vary slightly. 100% Handmade.

How It's Made

The dense and durable terracotta from which the beads and pendant/crucifix begin as specific compound of raw earth. The beads are mixed rolled and shaped by hand. Once shapes are achieved the raw clay cured in traditional kilns heated naturally by wood. Once fired the terracotta pieces are strung together on a thick hemp cable.

About the Artisan Painted Finishes.
The Black Ash color / finish will add the right amount of culture and contrast to any contemporary or eclectic decor. The black color is hand finished with an ashy white rub. This ash rub collects around the crevasses and corners of the rosary, highlighting the unique and primitive design.
The Turmeric color / finish has savory terra-cotta tint with flecks of ochre, and beige.
Called Guacamole for the deep variation of green, with specks / slivers of dark red and small touches of patina.

Display Indoor or outdoor(in covered area).

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Care & Handling
Hand-Crafted (FPO)