Glass Decanter Hearts | Cobalt Blue

Hand blown Glassware that is both art and done sustainably. Preserve your finest liquor or favorite beverage and serve with style! The Decanter Heart rests naturally in a hand-forged Iron Vine Stand. Each decanter heart includes a hand-forged Iron Flower Cap and Cork, tightly custom-fitted to preserve the contents.

Capacity | Dimensions. 
Small decanter holds 20 ounces | 13"h x 4"w x 6"deep
*Measurements include stand, glass heart, with flower cap on top. 

Pop the flower cap/cork to find the long sleek bottle neck allows for a perfect pour!  The cobalt blue glass decanter hearts are only available in the small size for a limited time. Prefer your decanter heart in color? Shop our 3 other colors Red, Clear, and Cobalt in glassware collection or the Movement Collection.

Exquisite artistic shape and flawless function.
Each decanter has a full and voluptuous heart shape with a long thick neck to allow for a perfect pour each time. The top of the neck is firmly capped with a hand-forged Iron Flower Cap(black with matte finish). Secured to the cap is a cork that is custom shaped to fit tightly in the neck. The iron stand holding the glass heart decanter is black with a matte finish. 

Creating the Decanter Hearts, an Artisan Process...
Recycled glass bottles and other containers are collected, crushed, and heated in several large kilns where temperatures reach up to 1500*F. Once the molten hot glass is of proper consistency, it is then blown into our signature designed glass molds. The color dye is added during the heating process and develops into a rich and lasting color.

The iron vine stand in which the heart sits is hand-forged by our talented blacksmiths. It consists of multiple 1/4" thick solid steel bars that are cut into specific sizes then heated, hammered, welded, and sculpted to hold each heart naturally as though vessels or vines have grown around the heart.

A Zenwaro original design.
We have poured our hearts into designing this collection of Sculptural Decanters. What began as captivating glass art almost a decade ago, has transformed into “functional glass art”. Each hand-blown glass decanter heart is crafted to perfection with the purpose of preserving the finest wine or liquor, and also serving the beverage in style. Intended for use amongst the best of friends and loved ones, during the greatest of celebrations, always with class and a sense of responsibility. The shape and figure of each size glass heart decanter is a signature Zenwaro design. We design and create all of our authentic glass art and vessels in partnership with artisans in Central Mexico celebrated for their creativity and craftsmanship.

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