Hand Sculpted Thriller Catrina

The finest sculpted folk-art inspired by Day of the Dead and the legacy of a pop music legend are perfectly intertwined into one astonishing Catrina sculpture. This finely hand sculpted ceramic Catrina is inspired by the Michael Jackson Thriller album released in November of 1982. The Thriller Catrina is an original work of art designed by San Miguel Trading and created by the renowned and very talented Delgado Perez of Michoacan Mexico. One of the largest Catrina figures within our Catrina Eleganté Collection this original work of art stands 24" tall. Countless hours have gone into sculpting the Thriller Catrina to perfection. From the tiny zippers and other details on the infamous red leather jacket to the dozens of delicate curly strands reminiscent of Michael's iconic hair style. This Catrina is brought to life by the artists impeccable talent to hand paint each element with great precision and stunning detail. This is authentic Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) folk art imitating life, after death.


The Artisan Process…

This Catrina is hand sculpted from raw clay. After several hours of sculpting and shaping the catrina the soft clay sculpture is then placed in a large traditional red brick oven and kiln fired for several hours. Once fired the sculpture is hand painted with a mixture of life like colors that compliment the raw emotion, look, and style of hard rock music!


This authentic Catrina sculpture is part of our Catrina Elegante Collection an exquisite group of fine ceramic sculptures that are inspired by Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) each 1 is an original work of art handmade by artists located in Michoacán Mexico, in partnership with San Miguel Trading.


What's Included...

1 Original Catrina sculpture. This fragile and highly valuable sculpture, requires very delicate handling.

1 Large case tubular case, that carries and protects the Thriller Catrina from harm during transportation.

1 Certificate of authentication verifying that this it is an original work of art.


1 Packet of instructions on how too unpack, handle, protect, and preserve the sculpture.


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