Ornamental Glass Hearts

Gift giving never looked so good! With our hand blown hanging glass hearts it will feel just as amazing to give these unique tokens of appreciation. Each one hand blown from recycled glass. Decorate your home with these little artisan crafted vestiges of love. Hang from wraphia twine or fill a bowl with these authentic artisan crafted pieces of accent. Available in a variety of colors Red, Aqua, Amber, Cobalt and Mercury. The perfect little artisan crafted gift for those with a taste for the unique. Each ornamental glass heart is equipped with a thick glass hoop at the the top the heart. There are endless unique decorating possibilities with our mini glass hearts.

3"h x 2.5"w x 2"depth
*all glass color options are the same size.

Artisan Glass Blowing, Sustainably.

In the remote city of San Miguel de Allende in Central Mexico is our glass blowing studio, gifted artisans mouth blow these little unique ornaments. We design the shape of the heart, which the artisans then take and create a mold to blow vibrant colored glass into.

Our fair trade artisans utilize recycled glass, delivered by the truckload from local recycling yards. Mounds of discarded bottles and other glass articles are transferred into the studio then lightly clean, crushed, and heated in large kilns where temperatures reach 1500*F. Once the molten hot glass is of proper consistency, it is then blown into our signature designed molds. The color dye is added during the heating process, developing the lasting color of the glass art.

Movement, A Glassware Collection Crafted by true artisans.

If the design of our Mercury glass heart sculptures has caught your eye, that may be because of its authentic reflective color and cracked finish, a Zenwaro original. This art sculpture is a perfect gift for those who believe in the beauty of second chances. We only work with the best creative artisans to take recycled glass and transform it into a precious symbol of enduring love.

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