Honeycomb Ceramic Containers

This set of large ceramic containers will add a touch of authenticity to your interior or exterior decor. Their contemporary yet rustic design is inspired by old world primitive ceramic pots known as Jarrónes which were used to carry and store grains, rice, or beans.
The set of 2 pots have dished horizontal ribs that wrap the entire exterior, beautiful, simple, symmetry. The ceramic is quite thick on both sizes, which makes these bulky / heavy pots perfect for planting in. hand molded from raw clay, and kiln fired in a large red brick oven at temperatures reaching 900*F - 1000*F. The kiln firing allows for these jugs to be placed outdoors, keep under a covered area away from pooling water.
The Blanco Sienna Finish.
This chic and distressed finish of flat white is achieved by mixing various paint colors, which are then drizzled over the surface of each jug. This painting technique gives the bottles a great mixture of dark earth-tones and organic colors, the Liverpool finish varies on every piece no 2 jugs will ever look exactly the same. 
Large – 21”dia x 30”h | Small – 18”dia x 25”h
Mouth (Diameter) - Large 18"dia | Small 15"

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