Hunter Pendant Light

The Hunter pendant lights are exquisitely crafted to illuminate and distinguish your decor. Fully equipped electrified pendant lights are quality made by artisans to compliment a rage of different decor styles and living motifs. Includes pre-wired quality UL electrical kit and decorative handmade mounting hardware. The Hunter pendant's elongated shape and open bottom was thoughtfully designed to provide the right amount light both directly below and from all sides. Display in clusters or individual, either indoors or outdoors.

Available in 3 Glass Colors- Dorado(gilded), Clear, or Frosted Glass. Metal Finish- Dark Oxidize.

24"tall x 14"diameter *pendant only
Measurements of included cable and chain length is 32".
Additional chain / cable available upon request.

Included With Each Pendant.
  • 1 Decorative Ceiling Canopy in matching Dark Oxidize metal finish, includes internal mounting hardware. These ceiling medallions have a simplistic yet modern appearance subtly complementing the pendant and allows for easy installation. Custom ceiling canopies to suspend a cluster of or multiple pendant lights are available.
  • 1 Medium Base Electrical Socket, with a power source of 660 Watt Maximum - 250 Volt Maximum allowing for either a strong incandescent bulb or energy efficient LED bulb.
  • 1 black round conductor cord 32"in length, is secure and UL approved to support / suspend the 10 pound pendant. Electrical cable is UL listed for outdoor or indoor use. The SVT/2 (round 2 conductor) suitable for dimmer capabilities.
  • This pendant was designed to be hung by either chain or suspended by SVT/2 black electrical cord. If chain is preferred to hang your pendant a Decorative chain 30"in length in match iron finish can be included upon request at checkout or by contacting us after checkout at 
  • Each pendant includes quality made strain relief cord grips installed on the caps of each pendant light and ceiling canopy.
  • *Bulb not included. *Tools are required for proper install.
About This Mediterra Pendant Light.

Available Glass Colors- Dorado or Clear glass | Metal Finish- Dark Oxidize. The Dorado Glass is an authentic vintage gild finish that has exhibits a unique turtled pattern and provides a rich warm illumination. The Clear Glass option enhances the contemporary aesthetic design features and allows for direct illumination provided by your preferred bulb. The Dorado glass can be displayed outdoors but must be suspended under roof / cover to protect the enamel finish on glass. 

Master artisans thoughtfully created this light with a hint Artdeco poise, precision cut triangle glass panes allow flowing light to illuminate and project subtle reflections on the surrounding walls and ceiling. The Hunter pendant's alluring design is achieved through a very old and traditional metal or tin working developed in Mexico called "Hojalata". This technique requires professional Hojalateros or "tin-smiths" cut, hammer, shape, mold, and weld recycled tin into very specific 3-dimensional shapes and designs. Sheets of glass are precision cut in a array of perfect geometric patterns then inserted into the fabricated tin cages. This pendant is safe and suited for outdoors, though suggested when installing outdoors to do so in a covered area.

Quality made brass strain relief cord grips installed on the caps of each pendant light and ceiling canopy. These metal strain relief cord grips have several functions along with holding the electrical in place and reduce any tension applied to the cord, they also help to seal the pendant reducing any moisture or water from reaching the electrical socket.

We suggest consulting a professional electrician for proper and safe installation. Available in other glass colors and iron finishes, contact us for more information.

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