Jalisco Decanter. Hand Blown Glass Decanter

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Preserve your tequila or wine in style with our Hand blown Agave Blue glass decanter with Iron Flower cap and cork. The Flower cap is hand forged from steel, with natural oxidized finish. This decanter has simple flowing design allowing for a perfect pour. The Jalisco Decanter is created through a fusion of 2 different artisan crafts; traditional Mexican glass blowing and artisan iron work. Artistic glassware that is functional as much as it is beautiful, a signature design part of our Movement Glassware Collection.


Included with each Jalisco decanter.

  1. Aqua blue glass bottle.
  2. Iron Flower Cap with cork. Satin Black color. Individual corks are shaped for a tight custom-fit in the bottle neck.


Dimensions | Capacity | Specifications

  • 12"tall x 3"diameter / 30.5cm x 11.4cm.
  • 16-18oz / 2-2.25 cups / 500-550mL
  • Weight: 3lbs / 1.35kg *empty
  • *Dimensions and weight include decanter + Iron Flower Cap.
  • Glass density: 1/8"-1/4"thick siding with hefty base that varies between 1/4"-1/2" thickness
  • Capacity & measurements may vary slightly. Handmade glassware exhibits subtle wavy surfaces, imperfect rounded edges. These artisanal qualities give Movement glassware its authentic personality and wholly unique presence.

How It's Made

Upon first glance you may not believe that this decorative decanter with a beautiful yet simple flowing shape and strong aqua color could be created from recycled glass. To that we proudly say, "Yes! Such a beautiful and functional vessel can be created from recycled glass!" All Movement Glassware is created from 100% recycled glass. In Jalisco Mexico discarded glass bottles are received at the Mvmt glass blowing studio from local recycling collectors. The disposed glass bottles are further separated and  crushed then shoveled into large kilns where temperatures reach up to 1700˚F. Once the molten hot glass is of proper consistency, it is then mouth blown into into either pre-designed molds or "free-blown" into universally unique shapes. The clear or colored dye is added during the heating process, developing a striking and lasting color. Discarded glass transformed into stunning glassware with lasting utility.

Each Jalisco decanters is capped with an ornate Iron Flower cap. The Iron Flower cap is hand-forged from steel that has a natural oxidized finish. Firmly attached to each iron flower cap is a custom cork that fits tightly to preserve the liquor or beverage within it.

Artisan Story

Jalisco Flair, by Zenwaro.

With the help of our team of talented artisans, we have designed and developed this authentic glass vessel, true to the majestic land of tequila. We created a tequila decanter for those who are true connoisseurs of the smooth nectar coming from the agave plant. Unwind with a velvety shot of your favorite tequila or preferred liquor. Always to be served with class and enjoyed responsibly.

Artisan Background.

Upon exploring the highlands of Jalisco Mexico we have found the land(mostly a nutrient rich soil as dark as crushed espresso beans) is covered with endless linear rows of massive Blue Agave plants. Several haciendas house highly skilled craftsmen that create and distill the world's finest tequila. Quality tequila making is an art form in and of itself. Tequila is one of the only liquors whose quality is measured by naturally aging and distilling an organic plant. A very old and traditional process that does not require massive amounts of sugar and other additives to speed up the distilling process, only time and skill determine a fine tequila. Our Agave Decanters are inspired by and celebrate this age-old tradition. With the majestic state of Jalisco in mind, our liquor decanter is the perfect collectible to preserve and serve your finest tequila or Mezcal.

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