Labios Face Pot. Sculptural Terracotta Pot.

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Give your plants the artisan kiss with this sculptural terracotta pot. The simple cantaro (saucer) shaped gives way to the lips on one side of the pot. 

One of many noticeable differences between a type of mass-produced imitation terracotta pot found at home improvement outlets is the quality of the terracotta. From the coarse texture(reminiscent of a sandy beach) to the density, weight, durability and lasting resiliency of the terracotta . Attributes that are inherit to the artisanal process by which each pot is created by hand. About 90% of the pot's surface texture is course, with varying shapes of burnt mauve and sandy malt to muted peach with touches lite charcoal.

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This mid-size handmade terracotta pot is perfect for small to midsize plants and trees. More on suggested plants in Care & Handling section.


  • Exterior: 12"Tall x 15"diameter widest point | 30.5cm x 38cm.
  • Interior: 12.5"Tall x 12"diameter | 32cm x 30.5cm.
  • Mouth of planter: 8"diameter | 20.5cm diameter.
  • Capacity: 3.75 Gallons / 14.25 Liters *total soil and root capacity.
  • Thickness: 2"- 1.5" | 5cm - 3.8cm
  • Weight: 20 Lbs | 9 Kg just pot *empty.
  • Dimensions, weight may vary slightly. Individual handmade terracotta pottery exhibits slight variation. These artisanal qualities impart originality and authenticity onto individual pieces.

How It's Made

This planter was hand thrown and molded from raw clay fired in traditional kiln heated naturally by wood and brush. A common technique used by indigenous ceramicist of Mexico. Their quality work has allowed this terracotta planter to retain its durability and resiliency despite it's antiquity and exposure to the elements for decades. Mother nature has provided the durable, natural, and authentic finish.

Decades of exposure to the elements and oxidization has transformed the exterior terracotta surface to an array of earthen colors from peachy-terracotta and slate adobe to ash white and smokey beige. A natural color variation as shown in the photos.

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Artisan Story
About This Handmade Vintage Terracotta Planter

An original work of art worthy of sprouting your next palm, succulent, or fruiting tree. This only-of-it's-kind vintage terracotta pot is a celebration old-world artisanal ceramic making.

The rounded heptagonal shaped pot features 7 faces with expressions that vary ever so slightly depending on how long you gaze upon them. The vintage fired clay features subtle deteriorations color variations from decades of exposure to the elements. Estimated age is over 60 years. Each vintage terracotta pot, vase, or sculpture that we search-out then present in this collection feature subtle deteriorations and color variations from decades of exposure to the elements. While this sculptural pot is decades old, the 2"thick terracotta vessel has retained it's durability. A resiliency attributed to the high-quality ceramic making and craftsmanship that were implemented at the time of this pots creation. Safe for outdoor display. Natural color variation is as shown in photos. 

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