Gota Jug, Giant Hand blown Glass Vase. Aqua Blue

An authentic artisan vessel hand-blown from recycled glass. This large jar / vase tear drop inspired shape is covered with rivet bubbles. The thickness of the glass varies from 1"in to 1/2"in. Each large glass vase will have subtle irregularities in their shape and size. These artisanal qualities impart ambiguous personality into a space and visually articulate that the bottle was handmade from 100% recycled materials to be wholly unique and without equal.

Dimensions and Specifications
• 19"h x 13"w x 13"deep(front to back)
• Capacity: 28 liters / 7.5 gallons 
• Weight: 10lbs - 12lbs / 4.5kg - 5.5kg
* Because of the hand-blown process of creation. Weight, measurements, and capacity with vary slightly from piece - piece. No two bottles will ever be exactly the same. Subtle variation can be seen in listing's imagery.

Creative artisan Glass Blowing born from a model of sustainably.

Recycled glass is delivered by the truckload from local recycling yards. Mounds of discarded bottles and other glass articles are transferred into the studio then lightly clean, crushed, and heated in large kilns where temperatures reach 1500˚F. Once the molten hot glass is of proper consistency, it is then blown into our signature designed molds. The color dye is added during the heating process, developing the lasting color of the glass art.

These oversized hand blown glass bottles are the perfect accent piece in any outdoor or indoor area. The flowing shape and design bubbly is reminiscent of rain drops on glass. Our giant glass jugs are another of our sustainable creations as each is hand blown from recycled glass. 

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