Loving Dog Sculpture

Fall in Love with your best friend. The Loving Dog is inspired by those furry companions who just want to love and cuddle us. Sculpted from ceramic and artisan painted in rusty brown color combination. Adorned with a hand sculpted heart perched on top of the button nose. The hearts are fused to the dog with a metal wire allowing the heart sculpture to be moved and manipulated. Accent your decor with this authentic artisan crafted sculpture that celebrate all natures, breeds, and disposition of dogs.

Modern day dog breeds came about from our ancestors need for survival. History provides that dogs were used more as a highly skilled tool, rather than companions. Therefore "man’s need" brought about all types of breeds. Breeds  used hunt, breeds used to work, breeds used for protection, even breeds used to point us in a particular direction. Sporting dogs have always fascinated our family. Their skill and intelligence, their precision sight, and undying dedication to please. This fascination with sporting dogs inevitably lead us to create the Devoted Bird Dog Sculptures.

7"h x 4"w x 8"long

About This Devotion Doggie Sculpture

The "Loving Doggy" is inspired by those furry companions who just want to love and cuddle us. No matter their size, breed, short haired or long and curly. This handmade sculpture is a Zenwaro signature design, part of our Devotion Collection. Each of our Devotion Doggies were designed with a different theme in mind, all of them have unique accents that complement their character and authenticity.


The Devotion Collection

A whimsical collection of hand-painted ceramic sculptures and artifacts. These jovial and vibrant creations are Artisan Sculpted from dense and durable ceramic high-fired in a large traditional red brick kiln. All of the signature designs in this collection have a story of “Devotion” that inspired their creation. Wether it be Devoted to your love, the Devotion of a furry companion, or the devotion towards a belief, a craft, a lifestyle, and everything in-between. Our devotion is designing and creating these unique creations, several of which are fused with metal wires allowing the ceramic accents (wings, thorns, crosses) to be manipulated. Every sculpture is hand painted and embellished with bright silver and gold metallic paints. This collection is a true combination of old world craftsmanship & whimsical artistry. Enjoy!

Collections: Devotion, Pets

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