Muertos Doggie Treat Jars | Blue Edition

Treat your furry companion in style while complimenting your home with a touch of Dia de los Muertos culture. Our Muertos Doggie Treat Canisters are hand thrown from ceramic and 100% artisan painted by hand. These Day of the Dead inspired ceramic treat canisters celebrate the life of your dogs, both past and present. Each canister displays a hand-painted Muertos Doggie on the front. Your pet will jump for joy at the sight of this artistic ceramic treat canister that tightly seals to keeps treats fresh. Each canister includes matching hand-painted lid that not only nestles perfectly on top.

Capacity | Dimensions | Specifications.
• Large holds up to 12cups / 96oz / 2.84 Ltr
• 12"high x 6.5"squared / 30cm x 16cm (with lid)
• Mouth: 5.5"(inner diameter) / 14cm diameter
• Weight: 4.5Lbs / 2Kg *when empty, with lid.

• Medium holds up to 8cups / 64oz / 1.89 Ltr
• 10"high x 5.75"squared / 25cm x 14cm (with lid)
• Mouth: 4.5"(inner diameter) / 12cm diameter
• Weight: 4Lbs / 1.8Kg *when empty, with lid.

• Small holds up to 4cups / 48oz / 1.42 Ltr
• 9"h x 4.75"squared / 23cm x 12cm (with lid)
• Mouth: 3"(inner diameter) / 8cm diameter
• Weight: 3Lbs / 1.36Kg *when empty, with lid.

Individual canisters are hand-thrown lead free ceramic which kiln fired both inside and out with a durable protective glaze. Safe to hold food and dishwasher safe.
Available in 3 distinct sizes or order as a set of 3(1 lrg, 1 med, and 1 sml).
Muertos canister sets also available in Red edition and our authentic Vintage Catrina.

Creating These Authentic Ceramic Vessels.

After each canisters and lids are molded and sculpted from raw clay they are ready to be cured using a two-bake high-heat firing process. The canisters are first baked in a high-fire kiln at 1200-1500 degrees Fahrenheit. The 2nd bake is done at the same high-heat. This bake occurs after the artwork has been painted on and the protective glaze has tediously been applied both inside and out of every canister and lid. This glossy glaze protects the ceramic and hand painted imagery(allowing it to be both water and intense heat proof). The finish also draws out all of the colors and provides a true shine.

Muertos Doggies, The Meaning Behind the Artwork.

The Muertos Doggie hand painted character is a Zenwaro signature design. These "jovial characters" featured on our various canister as well as other ceramic-ware we create are artisan painted by hand. A wonderful theme created in partnership with our team of talented artisans and inspired by our love for all animals especially Dogs and Cats, as well our infatuation with Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Both the colors and floral accents / patterns surrounding the Muertos Doggie character were derived from Talavera and Majolica artistry. This sacred and very old holiday is celebrated throughout Mexico. The true meaning behind Day of the Dead is often misunderstood, due to it's name and the skeletal art that surrounds the festivities, the beautiful essence of this holidays exists in paying homage and celebrating a loved one's entire life.

Dia de los Muertos, A Celebration Honoring Both Life and Death.

The old and beautiful tradition of Dia de Los Muertos is to honor and celebrate dear friends and family who have passed. Pets are considered both friend and family to many, and it is heartbreaking to say goodbye. We created these treat canisters with the Muertos Doggie so you can honor your furry loved one not just on November 1st and 2nd but each and every day!
Dia de Los Muertos is a multiple day Latin American tradition Nov. 1st(All Saints Day) and Nov. 2nd(All Souls Day). Predominantly celebrated in Mexico; in its traditional festivities family members bring their deceased loved one all of their favorite foods and decorate their altars with fresh flowers and handmade colorful decorations.

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