Piña Pendant Light | Small Cobalt

This versatile Mediterra pendant light design will illuminate and accent a variety of decor styles. Aptly dubbed the Piña Pendant after its stunning design and natural pineapple inspired shape. This small Piña has thick cobalt glass that is hand blown into the iron cage. The finish on the iron cage is a durable Oxidized Rust which is safe for outdoor display. This design gives off a great amount of light, just as beautiful and eye catching when not illuminated.

The iron cage sports a durable Oxidized Rust, both safe and suitable for outdoor use and display. This pendant provides a great amount of light given the type of bulb selected. The definition of "Creative Lighting”, captivating when not illuminated. Created through a fusion of artisan glass blowing & and master iron work. Every Piña Pendant includes our high-quality CSE / UL electrical component kit, with solid brass cable fittings and solid iron decorative mounting hardware.

15"tall x 10"diameter
*Pendant only, measurements do not include chain length.

    Included With Each Pendant.
    • 1 Decorative Ceiling Canopy in matching finish, includes UL approved internal mounting hardware. Our ceiling medallions are designed to have a simple and modern appearance subtly complementing the pendant. They allow for easy and secure installation.
    • 1 Flat Brick Decorative chain 32"in length in match iron finish. Crafted with superior craftsmanship, durability, and allure. Chosen for their best-in-class Hardware of decorative chains.
    • 1 Medium Base E-26 Electrical Socket. Black Glazed Porcelain with a power source of 660 Watt Maximum - 250 Volt Maximum this allows for a strong incandescent bulb or an energy efficient LED bulb. Grounded for safe and secure dimming capabilities.
    • 1 UL Listed electrical cable 32" in length 16 gage(thickness).
      *Bulb not included. *Tools are required for proper install, consult a professional electrician prior to installation.
    About This Mediterra Pendant Light.

    Iron Finish- Oxidized Rust | Glass Color- Cobalt Blue This pendant can be displayed outdoors, though we suggest when displaying outdoors to do so in a covered area. Each pendant includes quality made solid brass strain relief cord grips installed on the caps of each pendant light and ceiling canopy. The metal strain relief cord grips have several functions from holding the electrical components in place while reducing any tension applied to the cord, they help to seal the pendant reducing any moisture or water from reaching the electrical socket. Consult a professional electrician for proper and safe installation. The Piña pendant is available in other glass colors and iron finishes, contact us for more information, orders@zenwaro.com

    Functional lighting constructed through a fusion of master ironwork & artisan glass blowing.

    Our talented blacksmiths heat, hammer, and weld each iron bar into place this tedious process forms an almost geometric pattern unique to the Piña’s iron cage it also provides the right amount of light and casts a stunning shadow on the surrounding walls and ceiling. After the cage is completed it is taken to the glass blowing area of our artisan studio where Recycled glass bottles are collected, cleaned crushed / processed then heated in large kilns reaching 1500˚degrees, the molten hot glass is hand blown into the iron cage. This specific glass blowing technique allows the expanding molten hot glass to protrude past the iron bars creating an authentic bulbous quality. We are proud to design and create functionally artistic pendant lighting using sustainable practices.

    Learn more about this diverse lighting collection by reading the blog story below. We have documented the years of thoughtful design work invested into each design, the inspiration behind the collection's inception, and examples of how pendant lighting can provide the right ambiance in your decor.

    Pendant Lighting. The Beauty Of Creativity Is In The Details.

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