Red Devil Doggie

Dogs do not hide their emotions; at times a dog’s personality can be loud as their bark. The Red Devil Doggie was inspired by a dogs devoted nature and sometimes mischievous behavior. This unique hand molded ceramic sculpture Red Devil Doggie is available in 2 sizes. Both Large and Small are accented with little black horns, included with each is a small ceramic bone that rests in its mouth.

The tail on this particular Devotion Doggy design is a clever fusion of ceramic and iron. Before the sculpture is placed in the kiln for firing, a metal wire is inserted into the raw clay. The thin iron wire tail can be manipulated and adjusted to your liking. This sculpture is hand made from raw clay that is then kiln fired in a large traditional red brick oven, which is heated naturally by wood. This old-world technique of firing the clay creates a finish / dried ceramic that is very dense and durable. Display Indoor or outdoor(in covered area).

Large | 16"h x 7"w x 16"d
Small | 8"h x 4"w x 7"d

About This Devotion Doggie Sculpture

The Devotion Red Devil dog represents a dog’s mischievous side. We designed this Devotion Doggie with no specific breed in mind, it is simply an artisan crafted sculpture designed by Zenwaro to represent the personality of all dogs. Each of our Devotion Doggies were designed with a different theme in mind, all of them have unique accents that complement their character and authenticity. This Red Devil Doggie sculpture is dedicated to all of the rescue dogs out there who have broken Rule Number 1. "No Booty Scooties in the rug in the house!"  

The Devotion Collection

A whimsical collection of hand-painted ceramic sculptures and artifacts. These jovial and vibrant creations are Artisan Sculpted from dense and durable ceramic high-fired in a large traditional red brick kiln. All of the signature designs in this collection have a story of “Devotion” that inspired their creation. Wether it be Devoted to your love, the Devotion of a furry companion, or the devotion towards a belief, a craft, a lifestyle, and everything in-between. Our devotion is designing and creating these unique creations, several of which are fused with metal wires allowing the ceramic accents (wings, thorns, crosses) to be manipulated. Every sculpture is hand painted and embellished with bright silver and gold metallic paints. This collection is a true combination of old world craftsmanship & whimsical artistry. Enjoy!

Collections: Devotion, Gifts, Pets

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