Rescued Pet Bowls, Handmade Talavera Ceramic Pet Bowls

A bowl to Honor the life that you saved! Beautiful ceramic Rescued Dog Bowl, crafted by true artisans available in 2 different Talavera patterns. The stunning cultural and geometric patterns that cover each ceramic bowl are completely artisan painted by hand. The endearing title “Rescued” is centered within a hand painted crest on one side of each bowl. Similar to our entire collection of Pet Bowls, each Rescued pet bowl is hand molded from ceramic.

9"dia x 4"h
Holds up to 5 cups / 40 ounces 1180mL
Total weight- 3Lbs / 1.36kg *empty

Rescued Bowls are currently only available in the Medium size. No two bowls are ever exactly the same, patterns are hand painted and will vary slightly which makes these unique bowls even more personal. Message us to find out how we can personalize your pet bowl with your furry friend’s name.

shop from 4 different authentic Talavera patterns

Creating A Unique Vessel For Your Rescued Companion.

Our hand-painted ceramic dog bowls used the entire Talavera color palette to create majestic imagery on them. They have the patterns and shapes influenced by traditional Talavera & Majolica artistry. Our dog bowls are twice baked in a high-fire kiln at 1200* - 1500*F. The 2nd bake is done at the same high-heat. This bake occurs after the artwork has been painted on and the protective glaze has tediously been applied to the entire exterior of each bowl. This glossy glaze protects the ceramic and hand painted pattern also allowing it to be both water proof and resilient to intense heat. The glaze finish also draws out all of the colors and provides a vibrant shine.

Talavera artistry is a popular Mexican painting style originally used by artisans from Puebla, Tlaxcala, Atlixco, Cholula, and Tecali. The indicator colors of this Mexican style is usually blue and white, but artisans have added yellow, black, green, orange, and mauve to the style color palette. The color palette is made with natural pigments to get the right shades for the pottery.

PavoReal Blue Pattern
This pattern is inspired by the mesmerizing tail feathers of a Peacock. Both the unique shapes, and vibrant colors are influenced by traditional Talavera & Majolica artistry.

Bella Hacienda Pattern
Mexico is known for its hacienda life, and we wanted to introduce a small piece of this beauty and lifestyle to our ceramic dog bowls. The colors, flowers, and geometric shapes in this pattern are reminiscent of the beautiful haciendas of Mexico, plus a dog named Bella.

Your Purchase Supports a Beautiful Cause.

10% of the proceeds from all purchases made of our Rescued Pet Bowls, Talavera Pet Bowls, Devotion Doggie Sculptural Collections directly funds Zenwaro's on going initiative to raise awareness of animal neglect and animal abuse. We partner with several non-profit rescue groups, non-profit animal clinics, and humane animal shelters in the United States and Mexico (throughout the regions we work in). We utilize these funds to assist spay / neuter clinics and to support organizations that provide aid to homeless pets along with fostering, adopting, and re-homing at risk animals and pets. To find out more about our donations and how we support organizations like Hearts Alive Village, Bone Voyage Dog Rescue,  and other non-profit and animal rescue societies sign up for our monthly newsletters or contact us.

Additional Info, Care, and Usage.
  • All of our pet bowls are designed and created in conjunction with fair trade artisans at the Zenwaro artisan studios located in Guanajuato Mexico.
  • 100% Lead free paint safe for holding solid food and liquids.
  • Safe for Indoor or outdoor use, best to keep away from pooling ground water.
  • All of our ceramic pet bowls are artisan painted by hand each piece may vary slightly.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe(top shelf recommended).

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