Rosé Mercury Glass Hearts, Hand Blown Glass Urns

A sculptural vessel that is versatile in function and elegant in form. Made up of four integral components that thoughtfully and very well crafted to perfection; utilizing various art forms such as artisanal ironworking and technical glass blowing. Available in 2 sizes Small and Medium sizes, these Rosé Mercury Glass sculptural vases will make an authentic addition to your decor. The glass heart should not be used for holding nor serving drinkable liquids. Suggested uses- urn for ashes, flowers, diffuser for essential oils and potpourri.

Medium 15"h x 7"w x 8"deep
Small 13"h x 4"w x 6"deep
*Measurements include stand, glass heart, with flower cap on top.

Our Rosé Glass Heart bottles are the result of a joint endeavor of design and development over several years and by way of channeling ideas and great communication bonded our immediate family to our extended family of artisans. 

About This Zenwaro Original Design.

Each Rosé Mercury Heart is made up of four integral components that thoughtfully and very well crafted to perfection. Beautiful glass hearts born from recycled grass bottle rests wonderfully within a hand forged iron vine stand, that is hand painted in dark espresso with a flat finish. The heart's mesmerizing cracked silver shine appearance comes for mercury paint that is added after the molten glass cools to room temperature. A hand forged Iron Flower Crown / Cap sits atop the Mercury heart. The flower cap is fitted with a cork that tightly fits into the neck of the glass heart, and completes this recycled work of art. The glass sculpture comes in small and medium sizes.
The iron vine stand in which the Mercury Heart sits, is hand-forged by our talented blacksmiths. It consists of multiple 1/4" thick solid steel bars are cut into specific sizes then heated, hammered, welded, and sculpted to hold each heart naturally as though vines have grown around the heart.

Creative artisan Glass Blowing born from a model of sustainably.

If the design of our Mercury Glass Heart Sculptures has caught your eye, this may be because it is a Zenwaro original design. This artisan made sculpture is a perfect gift for those who believe in the beauty of second chances. Glass that is recycled in the artisan cities of Central Mexico get a second chance to become a beautiful gift of admiration.
Our fair trade artisans utilize recycled glass that is delivered by the truckload from local recycling yards. Mounds of discarded bottles and other glass articles are transferred into the studio then lightly clean, crush, and heated the glass in large kilns where temperatures reach 1500*F. The artisans then pour the hot glass into our signature designed heart shaped molds. To give the Mercury heart sculpture its crackled effect, the artisan will allow the glass to cool while adding cooler water at a specific time, the reaction naturally cracks the glass. The crackled pattern appears completely different on each heart, ensuring no 2 hearts are exactly the same.

The story behind our Chrome Glass Heart bottles is very interesting and worth a read. From The Ashes . 

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