Saguaro Cactus, Vintage Terracotta Sculpture.

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Original sculptural art inspired by the rough terrain and natural beauty of the high-desert landscape. This vintage terracotta sculpture is the only of its kind. Hand-molded and cured 50 years+ years ago. The amiable and uncomplicated design is complimented by the diverse color tone and texture. A blend of hand-painted colors below a layer of natural oxidization provided by artisanal Mexican creativity and mother nature. This vintage terracotta sculpture is an art collectors conversation piece! 

This edition of the Sonoran Saguaro sculpture has a diverse color scheme that ranges from agave blue and green to smokey umber and earthy-beige subtle. The texture varies from coarse to semi-smooth an artistic and entirely unique finish that only earthenware can provide.


This duo of Vintage Terracotta sculptures is made up of 2 individual cacti figures.

  1. One Large: 9.5"high x 9"wide x 6"depth / 24cm x 23cm x 15cm
  2. One Small: 7"high x 8"wide x 4.5"depth / 18cm x 20cm x 11cm
  • Total Weight: 5Lbs | 2.25Kg 


Dimensions | Weight | Specifications.

  • 12"high x 11.5"wide x 6.5"depth / 31cm x 29cm x 16.5cm
  • Weight: 8Lbs | 3.6Kg 
  • Artist: unkown
  • The only of it’s kind.
  • *Dimensions, weight will vary slightly. Vintage terracotta sculptures handmade decades ago. The terracotta exhibits erosion, color variation, and an over all weathered appearance. These vintage and artisanal qualities impart originality and authenticity onto individual pieces.

How It's Made

About this O.A.K. Vintage Work of Terracotta Art.
This sculpture exhibits a beige tone with a very subtle hint of peach terracotta a rarity for earthenware pottery to have neutral color palette. The texture varies from smooth to slightly coarse. The more coarse texture occurs around subtle grooves and rounded edges. All are artistic attributes unique to this Mojave Saguaro sculpture. A true original work of art blending.

This sculpture is 100% handmade from low-fire terracotta clay. Created decades ago from natural sediments by way of more traditional clay-working and natural kiln firing. This is authentic vintage art un-like that which is mass-produced goods crate n' barn home decor stores.

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Artisan Story

Vintage terracotta sculptures of this type are extremely rare and are not easy to come by. Authentic vintage terracotta vessels are usually 30+ years old they encompass all of the weathered imperfections, natural beauty, and novel history that can not be replicated. This particular sculpture exhibits a wholly unique color scheme and textured finish. Natural tones provided by the worlds most skilled finisher, mother nature. Each vintage terracotta sculpture that we search-out then present in this collection feature subtle deteriorations and color variations from decades of exposure to the elements. While this sculptural is decades old, the 1"thick terracotta vessel has retained it's durability. A resiliency attributed to the high-quality ceramic making and craftsmanship that were implemented at the time of this sculptures creation.

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