Horizon Planter Ash. Vintage Terracotta pot.

The orb shaped planter is a one-of-a-kind vintage pot, hand thrown from natural terracotta. Years of exposure to the elements and oxidization has transformed the exterior terracotta surface to an array of earthen terracotta colors. Our artisan painters have added a chic finish to this particular vintage Horizon pot. By finishing the terracotta surface with a natural paste which adds a soft ash white coloring to the bottom portion of the orb a horizon with natural color variation shown in the photos.

Dimensions and Specifications 

  • Exterior Measurements: 12"height x 12"diameter | 30cm x 30cm
  • Interior Measurements: 11"h x 11"diameter | 28cm x 28cm diameter
  • 5.75"diameter mouth of planter
  • 20Lbs | 5.4Kg weight planter + Iron Stand.
  • Planter is internally sealed for planting protection from erosion.

One of a kind authentic vintage planter. Estimated age: 60years.
What's included- Terracotta Spherical Pot 

This planter was hand thrown from raw clay fired in traditional kiln heated naturally by wood and brush. A common technique used by indigenous ceramicist of Mexico. Their quality work allowed the this terracotta planter to retain its durability and resiliency despite it's antiquity and exposure to the elements for decades.  Mother nature provides the perfect durable, natural, and authentic finish.

Suggested Plants- Jade succulent, Kentia Palm (young), Agave, Spider Fern, Fox Tail Fern.

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