Squatted Frog Pot. Vintage Terracotta Planter.

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There are all types of frog planters but there is not one quite like this Vintage terracotta frog pot. This only of its kind sculptural planter is an antique at over 70years old. This small planting ready vessel was likely part of the original series that sparked the inspiration for sculptural planters! The small size deep bellied pot has been tucked away in a old roofless ceramic studio in central Mexico for three quarters of a century. 

This pots deep belly and shallow basin is perfect for sprouting your herbs, succulents, fern, or flowering plant. This one-of-a-kind vintage terracotta pot is a celebration old-world artisanal ceramic making.

Vintage terracotta planters with a sculptural component are extremely rare and not easy to come by. Authentic vintage terracotta vessels are usually 70+ years old they encompass all of the weathered imperfections, natural beauty, and novel history that can not be replicated. More about the color tone, texture, and terracotta make-up below.


  • Exterior: 9.75"tall x 11"wide x 11"deep | 25cm x 28cm x 28cm.
  • Mouth of planter: 6"wide x 8"length | 15cm x 20cm.
  • Interior Capacity: 2 Gallons | 7 Liters.
  • Interior: 4"tall x 8"long | 10cm x 20cm.
  • Thickness of terracotta: 1"- 1.5" | 2.5cm - 4cm
  • Weight: 13Lbs | 6Kg planter empty.
  • Age: 70+ years.

How It's Made

This planter was hand thrown and molded from raw clay fired in traditional kiln heated naturally by wood and brush. A common technique used by indigenous ceramicist of Mexico. This traditional process & attention to detail has allowed this vintage terracotta planter to retain its durability and resiliency despite it's antiquity and exposure to the elements for decades. Mother nature has provided the durable, natural, and authentic finish.

Decades of exposure to the elements and oxidization has transformed the terracotta surface to an array of earthen colors from burnt apricot to burnt adobe with shades of smokey Taupe. A natural color variation as shown in the photos. There are some areas of mild deterioration which have not compromised the structure of this sculptural pot rather they add to the vessels personality & authenticity.

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Artisan Story
About This Handmade Vintage Terracotta Planter

The hand-molded body, and sculpted accents impart a peaceful frog personality to an old terracotta pot. Vintage pottery that is 100% genuine will exhibit a wholly unique texture and color scheme. The color on this sculptural pot varies from oxidized burnt apricot to burnt adobe with shades of smokey Taupe. Natural tones provided by the worlds most skilled finisher, mother nature. Each vintage terracotta pot, vase, or sculpture that we search-out then present in this collection feature subtle deteriorations and color variations from decades of exposure to the elements. While this sculptural pot is decades old, the 1"thick terracotta vessel has retained it's durability. A resiliency attributed to the high-quality ceramic making and craftsmanship that were implemented at the time of this pots creation. Safe for outdoor display. Natural color variation is as shown in photos. 

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