Stoneware Mugs 12oz | Colibri Hand Painted Pattern

Upgrade your coffee or tea drinking experience with our artistic and quality made stoneware ceramic mugs. Mugs are handmade from toxin free natural earthen materials stoneware and intricately free-hand painted in the raised Colibri pattern. Available individually or in sets of 2, 4, and set of 6. With the perfect weight and ingrained resiliency, artistic vessels are intuitively crafted to last a lifetime. Atop the suave stoneware surface, each mug is intricately free hand-painted with vibrant, glossy patterns with a subtle raised texture. An extremely unique artistry that is visually stunning, as well as smooth to touch and hold as you savor your favorite beverages. The Lirio artwork elegantly wraps around 3/4 of the mug and features the colorful Tierra hummingbird in the center. 

Dimensions | Capacity | Specifications
• Measurements: 4.25”in tall x 3.5”diameter / 5.25"width with handle
• Capacity: 350mL / 12ounces / 1.5cups
• Weight: 1Lb / .45kg per mug *empty.
• Dishwasher Safe, Microwave Safe, Lead and Toxin Free.
*Patterns are "free-hand-painted" and will vary slightly from piece to piece. 

The stoneware's conductive properties help to retain heat, allowing it to function wonderfully for serving hot beverages such as tea and coffee. The most durable form of earthenware pottery, stoneware's high-fire curing process provides a dense, non-porous composition allowing it to be resistant to liquid and resilient over time. A perfect union of artistry and utility, each mug requires a team of master ceramicists and skilled artisan painters to create.

The Artisan Process.

Vessels With Utility and Artistry Crafted Through a Combination of Skilled Ceramic-Working and Technical Relief-Painting 

Mugs are hand-molded and shaped from stoneware. The inside of each mug is coated with a natural, non-toxic glaze. The perfect natural clay composition stoneware is known for its ability to handle high heat, non-toxic natural clay, steadfast weight, and long-lasting durability. These are just a few of the qualities you would expect from a quality vessel.

The stoneware mug are twice baked in a high-fire kiln at temperatures reaching 1700˚F. This first bake transforms raw clay down to a molecular level. The high heat and curing process forces out tiny air pockets condensing the material to be as hard as a rock, hence the name "stoneware". The baked stoneware has a wonderful natural vanilla color with a soft matte finish.

Skilled hands apply the Hummingbird pattern and detailed artwork, a process that ensures the patterns and artwork on each piece are never identical. This innovative artisan technique is called "relíeve" meaning "relief" The technique requires skilled artisans to apply layers of natural lead-free paint by hand to the surface of each mug. During the 2nd bake, this relief painting technique literally raises the painted pattern providing a glossy texture just to the painted areas that create a beautiful contrast to the surface of the stoneware.

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