Stoneware Spoon Rest, Primavera Edition | Cookware

The kitchen utensil known as the spoon rest, reimagined to be a functioning work of art. This quality made stoneware Porta Cuchara or spoon rest or spatula rest has been thoughtfully crafted by artisans who have prepared homemade meals every day for generations. Keep your kitchen authentic while protecting the countertops, stovetop, and walls from splashes of hot cooking oils. A beautiful barrier protecting from contaminants while you vigorously stir and mix on a mission to perfect the texture of your next scrambled egg.

Dimensions | Weight 
11"long x 5"wide x 2" at thickest point. | 2 pounds

An instrument for the kitchen connoisseur is  available in 4 distinct styles and hand painted color options. Quality made for long term use, accentuate your kitchen decor while you perfect the epicurean pleasures.

The Artisan Process of Creating Quality Kitchen Utensils with Personality.

Each Porta Cuchara or Spoon Rest is molded from a very dense and durable ceramic known as stoneware. The perfect natural clay composition, stoneware is known for ability to handle high heat, non-toxic natural clay, steadfast weight, and long lasting durability are just a few of the qualities you would expect from a quality tool kitchen. The thoughtful wide concave shape of these Porta Cuchara's will hold a range of spatulas, mixers, tongs and other baking / cooking utensils.

The stoneware spoon rests are twice baked in a high-fire kiln at temperatures reaching 1700˚F. This first bake transforming raw clay down to a molecular level the high heat and curing process forces out tiny air pockets condensing the material so that it is literally as hard as a rock, hence the name "stoneware". The baked stoneware has a wonderful natural vanilla color with a soft matte finish.

The beautiful patterns and Primavera artwork are applied by skilled hands "free-hand painting" no stencils or pattern tracing. A process that insures both patterns and artwork on each piece are never exactly the same. This innovative artisan technique is called "relíeve" meaning "relief", the technique requires skilled artisans to apply layers of natural lead free paint by hand to the surface of each Porta Cuchara / spoon rest. During the 2nd bake this relief painting technique literally raises the painted pattern providing a glossy texture just to the painted areas a beautiful contrast to the surface of the stoneware.

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