Traditional Eleganté Catrina | Vintage Hand Sculpted Catrina

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This very old and authentic Catrina figure. Represents a more traditional form of Catrina sculpting and artistry. Her individual features emulate the sculpting techniques artisan sculptors practiced many decades ago. From her rib cage and skull to the flowers on her sombrero and her fingers most elements are individually sculpted / shaped by hand the artist used very little molds to shape her attributes. She embodies a flair that is more traditional down to her cigarette.

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Individual Catrina Eleganté are extremely fragile and delicate. Therefore Zenwaro fulfillment team has developed very specific handling information and instructions. These instructions and policies are provided to individual customers and require purchasing customers full consent to follow receiving instructions and understanding of tested handling protocols before moving to the packaging and order fulfillment stage. 


The Traditional Eleganté Catrina is made up of two pieces.

  • Her head and extravagant sombrero are solid clay which insert into the neck of the Catrina's body via a long metal pin that is fused into the skull. Her sleek feminine figure is complimented by the an elegant black dress with polk-a-dot pattern that is free-hand painted. 
  • COA(certificate of authenticity) signed by the artist Marcos Perez confirming that it is an original work of art.


Dimensions | Weight | Specifications

  • 17"tall x 4"wide x 5"depth / 43cm x 20cm x 12cm
  • Weight: 3Lbs | 1.5Kg.
  • *Measurements account for the entire sculpture.

How It's Made

This authentic Catrina sculpture is an incarnation of old world catrina sculpting. Where the artist utilizes basic tools to sculpt individual figures. To turn a mound of raw clay into the work of art you see here is an involved and technical process. Requiring a form of creativity from the artist that is both genuine and tedious. The end result is an original work of art comprised of small points of personal expression from the artist. Much like the way individual brush stroke's are indicative of a particular canvas painter. Whether it is the manner in-which the artist pinches tiny clay balls to form the knuckles of her hand or the gauge/weight of the spatula used to shape and plain her teeth.

This and all other Catrinas that Sra. Guadalupe Rosa sculpts are kiln fired for several hours in a traditional red brick oven. All of the sculptures within our Catrina Elegante collection are original works of art, each is created to represent several different facets of life, beliefs, professions and culture both present and past.

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Artisan Story

Marcos Perez lives in the state of Michoacán Mexico. As a visual artist Sr. Perez uses the untamed natural beauty of this lush forested territory as a constant inspiration for the Catrina figures that he sculpts and paints by hand. This authentic Catrina sculpture is part of our Catrina Elegante Collection. Señor Perez leads a small group of creative apprentices from his family and greater artisan community of Michoacán. He is a celebrated, accomplished, and award winning artist. His studio grants apprenticing opportunities that provide artists in his community an opportunity to practice their work.

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