Vintage Oil Jar with Iron Stand. Vintage Terracotta Vase, Large

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Textured terracotta vintage jar 80+ years old.  From Mexico this old cultural vessel are known as "jarroncitos" or little bottles. Dating back generations, artisans created decorative terracotta bottles like this one to carry and distill oils and beverages from the agave plant and other native plants. This very old terracotta vase/jar rests naturally in the solid steel stand custom-made just for this piece. The black stand has a minimal design complimenting the sculptural beauty of the vintage bottle. Decades of exposure to the elements has transformed the exterior terracotta surface. Impressions and textures from moss that once grew over this bottle are still visible. A horizon of earthen colors from charcoal and slate grey to ash white and smokey beige. Natural color variation as shown in photos.


  1. Vintage terracotta oil bottle.
  2. Solid steel stand, black satin finish, custom made just for this vintage terracotta bottle.


Dimensions | Weight | Specifications.

  • Total Height: 19.5"Tall x 6"diameter / 50cm x 15cm *Vase resting in custom metal stand.
  • Total foot print of stand: 11"w x 11"d/28cm x 28cm
  •  9"Tall x 5"Diameter / 23cm x 13cm *Just bottle, without stand.
  • Mouth of vase: 1.25"Diameter / 3.25cm Diameter of entry space.
  • Capacity:  60oz / 7.5 cups.
  • Weight: 5 Lbs / 2.3 Kg *total weight vase + metal stand.
  • Terracotta Thickness: 1” / 2.5cm sides | 2”/5cm bottom.

How It's Made

This planter was hand thrown and molded from raw clay fired in traditional kiln heated naturally by wood and brush. A common technique used by indigenous ceramicist of Mexico. Their quality work has allowed this terracotta planter to retain its durability and resiliency despite it's antiquity and exposure to the elements for decades. Mother nature has provided the durable, natural, and authentic finish.

Decades of exposure to the elements and oxidization has transformed the exterior terracotta surface to an array of earthen colors from charcoal and slate grey to ash white and smokey beige, a horizon of natural color variation shown in the photos.

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Artisan Story
About This Handmade Vintage Terracotta Planter

Vintage pottery that is 100% genuine will exhibit a wholly unique color scheme that varies. The color on this vessel varies from charcoal and slate grey to ash white and smokey beige. Natural tones provided by the worlds most skilled finisher mother nature. The solid steel stand was custom handmade just for this sculptural terracotta pot. We source and curate individual vintage terracotta pots, vessels, and sculptures from remote regions of Mexico. These wholly unique vintage pieces feature subtle deteriorations and color variations from decades of exposure to the elements. While this sculptural pot is decades old, the 1"- 2"thick terracotta vessel has retained it's durability. A resiliency attributed to the high-quality ceramic making and craftsmanship that were implemented at the time of this pots creation.

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