Yucatec Planter, Tall Terracotta pot. Natural Terracotta

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Blossom your flora in unparalleled style with the hand molded Yucatec Planter! Tall pillar style mid-size handmade terracotta pot, perfect for small to midsize plants and trees. The Yucatec's hand-thrown design is a blend of creative funk and sophistication. The simple cylinder shape is pronounced with round nodes that overlay the entire outer surface of the pot. The textured and bumpy surface is complimented by the natural beauty of cured terracotta. Plant life just got interesting!🌴

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One of many noticeable differences between a type of mass-produced imitation terracotta pot found at home improvement outlets is the quality of the terracotta. From the coarse texture(reminiscent of a sandy beach) to the density, weight, durability and lasting resiliency of the terracotta . Attributes that are inherit to the artisanal process by which each pot is created by hand. 

This mid-size handmade terracotta pot is perfect for small to midsize plants and trees. More on suggested plants in Care & Handling section.


  1. Yucatec tall mid-size hand-molded terracotta pot. Individual shaped and hand painted/finished. Pot's interior is sealed for planting use.


Dimensions | Weight | Specifications.

  • Exterior: 14"tall x 13"diameter | 35.5cm x 33cm.
  • Interior: 13.5"tall x 10.5"diameter(widest point) | 34.25cm x 26.5cm dia.
  • Mouth of planter: 9.5"diameter | 24cm dia.
  • Capacity: 5 Gallons | 19 Liters
  • Thickness of Terracotta: 1.5"- 2" | 3cm - 5cm
  • Weight: 25Lbs | 11.5Kg *terracotta pot empty.
  • *Dimensions, weight may vary slightly. Handmade terracotta pottery exhibits texture and color variation. These artisanal qualities impart originality and authentic qualities.

How It's Made

The simple cantaro shape pot is pronounced with large nodes that overlay the entire outer surface of the pot. The Yucatec planter has 2"thick terracotta walls. Like tuning forks to test musical instruments for sound purity; by tapping the surface of the terracotta you can hear the reverberating concrete density. A resiliency attributed to the high-quality earthenware pottery making and craftsmanship.

This planter was hand molded from raw clay fired in traditional kiln heated naturally by wood and brush. A common technique used by indigenous ceramicist of Mexico.

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